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In today's world, human progress is changing with each passing day. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. As the title page of the twenty-one th century scroll unfolds, we offer a surprise to the Chinese elevator industry and its users: Montgomery's elevator is maturing and becoming perfect, in China's skyscrapers in dozens of cities in Southeast Asia, montmery lifts are adding to people's lives!

In the past 20 years, we have witnessed the development and prosperity of the elevator industry in China, fighting against the tide of the market economy, from installing various kinds of famous brand elevators to the world-famous sales agents to the production of Montgomery elevators, every step we took was in tune with the development of the times, and filled with the love and care of experts and users. Montgomery elevator is a combination of high-tech and collective intelligence, we uphold the people-oriented, innovative spirit of science and technology, continue to give Montgomery to the brand of enduring new service connotation.

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