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Significance Of Lifting And Lateral Moving Mechanical Parking Equipment


The problem of vehicles parking nowhere is the result of the development of society, economy and traffic in the city to a certain extent. The development of three-dimensional parking equipment has a history of nearly 30-40 years in foreign countries, especially in Japan, both technically and experientially, it has been a success. China also began to research and develop mechanical parking equipment in the early 1990s, has a decade of history. As the ratio of residents to parking spaces is 1:1 in many newly-built residential areas, in order to solve the contradiction between the space occupied by parking spaces and the commercial space occupied by residents, it is possible to solve the parking problem of the resident with the unique characteristic of small space occupied by the average bicycle. Compared with the traditional natural underground garage, the mechanical garage has many advantages. First of all, the mechanical garage has outstanding land-saving advantages. In the past, the underground garage occupied 40 square meters on average because it needed enough traffic passage, and if the double-deck mechanical garage was used, the floor usage could be increased by 80% , I, if the above-ground multi-storey (21-storey) three-dimensional garage, 50 square meters of land area can be stored 40 vehicles, which can greatly save limited land resources, and save the cost of civil development.


Compared with underground garages, Mechanical Garages are more effective in ensuring the safety of people and vehicles. When people are in the garages or the cars are in the correct position, the whole equipment controlled by the electronics will not work. It should be said that the mechanical garage from the management can achieve a complete separation of people and vehicles.

The use of mechanical storage in the underground garage, but also can eliminate heating and ventilation facilities, so that the operation of electricity consumption is much lower than the workers managed underground garage. Mechanical Garages generally do not do a complete set of systems, but from a single container. This can give full play to its land less, can be divided into zero advantage, in the residential area of each group or each floor can be randomly set up mechanical parking building. This is the current shortage of parking areas to solve the difficult parking problem to provide a convenient condition.

The up-down-and-down-side-moving parking system is a typical product form of mechatronics engineering, which mainly involves mechanical, electronic, construction and other fields, and works in coordination with professional and technical personnel. In the modern metropolis, the up-down-and-down-and-horizontal-moving three-dimensional parking garage has already infiltrated into people's various fields of life, in many places such as government offices, hotels, hospitals and residential areas, the up-and-down-and-side-moving three-dimensional parking garage has become an essential infrastructure. But my mechanical garage technology was relatively new, and most of it was still based on Japanese technology from the 1980s. With the rapid development of China's national economy and the rapid expansion of car ownership, the existing function of mechanical garage has fallen behind people's requirements. The present garage technology insufficiency mainly manifests in takes the vehicle time to be quite long, the intelligence degree is quite low, the security degree is insufficient, the design form is quite old. Many of the existing high-quality three-dimensional parking garages in places such as Shanghai and Beijing are imported from abroad using a large amount of foreign currency, and the after-sales service has to preach satisfactory guarantees. In order to break this pattern of relying on imports and to produce garage products with their own characteristics, it is necessary to make major breakthroughs in the original technology, thus driving the development of the domestic garage industry. Therefore, it is very important to study the system of the vertical and horizontal parking system.

Jiangsu Montgomery Elevator Co. , Ltd. , will "develop the market with science and technology, increase benefit with management, improve image with service" as the business philosophy of the enterprise, "24-hour Monitoring, 365-day safety rest assured" for after-sales service purposes, in more than 20 provinces and over 300 cities in China, as well as in Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Macao, Africa, Europe and the United States, they have opened up their own marketing territories, and have firmly taken the lead in the industry with a relatively high market share, become one of the elevator brands in the same industry with highly public praise effect. Welcome to come to the professional elevator manufacturer Jiangsu Montgomery Elevator Co. , Ltd. to order products!


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Company: Jiangsu Montmery Elevator Co. , Ltd.

Contact: Lu Zhongwei

Cell Phone: 13906295701

Something: 0513-80603988、80603959、80603999

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Address: No. 999, Jintong Avenue, 

Nantong high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Province