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Montmery elevator

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Installation Technology Of Professional Elevator Factory


Installation Technology Of Professional Elevator Factory


1. The installation technology of template frame and stable lifting line

During the installation of the elevator, the sample frame and the stable lifting line are the key components, the installation of this part should be strictly determined, no error can occur in the position, the scaffold should be erected first, its location is 1.5 meters below the well way board, choosing the suitable location is very helpful to realize the safety protection function in the future. The distance between the scaffold and the pipe is usually controlled within 1.7 meters, the minimum spacing distance is more than 1.4 meters, so that the load-bearing effect can be exerted, and the safety will not be affected during use. The total area of the sample laying is more than 2 / 3 of the current layer, in the use of the process is more conducive to construction personnel climbing. After the angle steel is fixed, the sample plate can be laid in strict accordance with the prescribed spacing distance. The edge area should be strictly controlled. If the details are not handled reasonably, the use of the template frame will also affect the final safety. Finally, it is the stable installation of the suspension line. The stability of the suspension line after installation needs strict regulation and control. The installation should be carried out according to the position marked in the drawing. After installation and fixation, the suspension line should be checked again according to the position marked in the drawing, make sure it is consistent for subsequent installation and debugging.

2. Installation of guide rail and its bracket

The determination of the position of the guide rail requires the calculation of the distance between the guide rail and the drawing and the vertical distance. During the operation of the elevator, the guide rail and the suspension line of the model frame can not touch, therefore, the distance between the two must be guaranteed. According to the safety regulations in the installation process, the distance between the two must be greater than 30 mm. Only after the position and distance are determined can the following fixed installation be carried out, there may be some errors between the components affected by the vibration during the installation. The errors within the safety range do not affect the normal use of the elevator, but the overall errors should be considered during the installation process, it is unscientific to think only in terms of a single component. The application of hoist can also help to improve the operation efficiency of equipment. The weight of guide rail should be considered in the selection of specific equipment. If the weight of guide rail is light, the manual method can be used to lift it instead of the use of hoist.

3. Car Installation

The installation procedure of the car part is quite complicated, and the safety of the car can be improved by the method of decomposing and installing. First, the load-bearing weight on the bottom is installed, and the safety pliers are used to reinforce the car. After the load-bearing structure is available, the next step is to install the upper part of the structure to ensure its safety, so that the material does not fall and the work can not be carried out smoothly. The installation of the upper beam and the column is the second step. The same method of support and reinforcement is used to determine the position first. After measuring and determining the error within a reasonable range, the upper beam and the column can be fixed, and screws are used to connect the various materials, forming a closed load-bearing whole. The door and the top are the last to be installed, and the installation can be carried out after the installation of the surrounding fixed brackets. If there is a dimensional error in the installation of the supporting frames, finally, the installation of the door and the top will be affected by the error and difficult to carry out, in order to control the error, in the installation can be strictly in accordance with the size of the drawings to measure, to avoid errors.

4. Installation of shaft machinery and equipment

The shaft mechanical equipment is the part that provides the kinetic energy to the elevator, part of the mechanical equipment is the safety protection of the elevator components, the buffer is installed in the guide rail part, the operation process can avoid the equipment damage caused by excessive pressure, when installing the buffer, choose the most reasonable form according to the operation and use of the equipment, and achieve the ideal construction and use effect, ensure the operation safety of the elevator, the installation of the mechanical part should consider the operation and use safety, the functions of the devices are different, so during the installation process, whether the safety standard can be reached, the position error or the inaccurate installation position will affect the final safety, which is not available in the common method. For some common safety problems, it is necessary to avoid them in a planned way in installation, so as not to affect the final safety hidden danger, especially in the pulling device part of the elevator, which requires the installation of speed-limiting mechanical equipment, when the speed is found to exceed the safety speed limit, the speed limit device will be activated, so as not to affect the safety of mechanical equipment. The installation of mechanical equipment in shaft should make rational use of resources, that is to ensure that the equipment installed can meet the needs of use, and at the same time avoid the phenomenon of waste of resources.

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Company: Jiangsu Montmery Elevator Co. , Ltd.

Contact: Lu Zhongwei

Cell Phone: 13906295701

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Address: No. 999, Jintong Avenue, 

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