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Montmery elevator

Company: Jiangsu Montmery Elevator Co. , Ltd.

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Installation And Commissioning Of Elevators


Installation And Commissioning Of Elevators

1. Slow train debugging

Debug the circuit in the control cabinet, check whether the electronic components can be used safely, and replace them in time for some common quality and safety problems, so as to avoid burning out in use, affecting the normal use of the elevator. Slow commissioning needs to be carried out for each component inspection, measuring whether the switch part insulation material is damaged, simple electronic component damage can be replaced, but if the damage is serious or most of the components are damaged together, after electrification, it is easy to cause the burning of the circuit board, and the subsequent efficiency can not be guaranteed. It is also necessary to check the output of the Elevator Control Room and record the measured results in the data, which can be used as a reference for the later inspection and repair of the idle car. - The brake device should be cleaned thoroughly before application, and it is found that the parameter error can be re-tested after cleaning during debugging. By this method, more ideal operation control effect can be achieved. For some common elevator fault problems, can also take effective technical precautions. The gap between the car part door can not exceed 3mm, less than 2mm also need to be readjusted, otherwise it will damage the equipment during the car door opening and closing, and can not achieve the ideal use effect, aiming at some common quality safety. Debugging is in strict accordance with the data specified in the drawings, found that any non-conformance with the drawings are errors, to adjust before continuing to use.



2. Fast train debugging

The commissioning of the express train was carried out after the commissioning of the slow train. At this stage, it was already possible to judge preliminarily that all the electronic components of the elevator were in normal state. The continuing commissioning was carried out for the brake part, avoid the elevator running speed out of safety standards, affecting the final construction results. Differential debugging needs to be judged by calculation. In the debugging plan carried out, first, a calculation range is determined, and the results of analysis are compared with the actual situation, thus even the slightest error can be observed in this way and the final result can be consistent with the actual situation. Debugging also has a integrity, in the overall debugging scope of the details of the continuous optimization, to achieve a better installation and debugging effect.

The installation of the elevator should be based on the combination of the drawing and the actual size on the spot, and the installation should pay attention to some details and dimensions, and should be carried out in full accordance with the relevant national standards, and the debugging work is also based on the installation. The debugging work of the elevator is a kind of testing and compensation for the installation, especially the debugging of various safety interlocks, which ensures the normal state of the elevator during the operation, make it better serve for people in actual life and work.

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Company: Jiangsu Montmery Elevator Co. , Ltd.

Contact: Lu Zhongwei

Cell Phone: 13906295701

Something: 0513-80603988、80603959、80603999

Fax: 0513-80603939


Address: No. 999, Jintong Avenue, 

Nantong high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Province