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Abnormal Phenomena In Elevator Operation And Its Treatment


Abnormal phenomena in elevator operation and its treatment

(1) the elevator doors on the floor and on the bridge are closed in place, but the elevator can not be started.

This phenomenon first check whether there is debris blocking the elevator door, after removing debris still do not move to check whether it is possible: load over the rated value. If you are sure that the power switch will not start, inform the maintenance staff.

(2) if the speed of the elevator is found to be significantly faster or slower, the elevator should stop near the station, the passenger exit the bridge, the power switch off. Notify maintenance.

(3) when it is found that the elevator can start without closing the floor door or the bridge door, or the elevator has not operated the starting device after the door is closed, the elevator should stop using immediately after the automatic starting operation of these two situations, turn off the power switch and notify the maintenance personnel.

(4) when it is found that the direction of the elevator is opposite to the direction indicated by the control box, which indicates that the phase of the external power grid is reversed, just ask the maintenance personnel to adjust the phase of the power supply in the engine room. The elevator equipped with the phase sequence relay should not be able to operate at this time

(5) the elevator is running, such as sudden power failure or failure. Elevator in the middle of the second floor, the driver or management should first tell the passengers do not panic and calm the mood of passengers, and use communication or other means to contact the maintenance personnel, the passenger out or troubleshooting.

(6) when the bridge carriage in operation, such as the discovery of abnormal noise, vibration sound, impact sound should immediately stop operation, power switch off. Can check the traction machine, wire rope, guide rail boots, bearings, bridge top flat frame and shaft in the Magnetic Plate, Hall Door Sill and door knife, door lock clearance.

(7) if a large number of oil leakage is found in the engine room, the elevator should be stopped to check the cause of the oil leakage. Otherwise, it will wear the worm wheel or kill the bearing because of lack of oil, resulting in accidents.

(8) under normal load, if the bridge car has exceeded the terminal station stop level and continues to operate until the limit switch operation, the elevator should stop operation, check the installation of limit switch wiring, whether the contact is valid.

(9) if the elevator is operating under normal conditions and the safety clamp fails to work properly, the administrator shall immediately cut off the power switch and evacuate the passengers from the bridge compartment, and then inform the maintenance personnel to try to release the safety clamp and close the safety clamp switch, and check the cause of its misoperation.

(10) in the elevator bridge, any metal parts, if there is electric feeling, or found that the electrical insulation part of the burnt smell, should immediately stop, cut off the power switch. If necessary, go to the elevator machine room to disconnect the three-phase power switch and lighting switch, notify the maintenance personnel for inspection.




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Contact us

Company: Jiangsu Montmery Elevator Co. , Ltd.

Contact: Lu Zhongwei

Cell Phone: 13906295701

Something: 0513-80603988、80603959、80603999

Fax: 0513-80603939


Address: No. 999, Jintong Avenue, 

Nantong high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Province