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Montmery elevator

Company: Jiangsu Montmery Elevator Co. , Ltd.

Contact: Lu Zhongwei

Cell Phone: 13906295701

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Address: No. 999, Jintong Avenue, Nantong high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Province

Nantong Professional Elevator Manufacturer Analysis Maintenance Matters Needing Attention


Elevator maintenance and repair should observe the following requirements:

No passengers or cargo, all levels of the door hanging off the service signs.

The switch at the corresponding position should be disconnected.

Disconnect the main power switch in the computer room.

The overhauling switch should be closed at the top of the car.

The emergency stop switch of the bottom pit service button box shall be disconnected or the speed limiter shall be tightened at the same time

Device safety switch disengaged.

Hand lamps must be shielded and operate at a safe voltage of up to 36 volts (low-voltage outlets for maintenance should be installed in engine rooms, bottom pits, car roofs or car bottoms) .

The operation shall be carried out in coordination with the foreman and assistant.

If the driver is required to cooperate with the operation, the driver should concentrate, strictly obey the maintenance staff's instructions.

It is strictly forbidden for maintenance personnel to stand outside the shaft and lean into the shaft, or to stand on one foot each at the top of the car or at the sill of the car to carry out maintenance work for a longer time.

Maintenance personnel is strictly prohibited to pull, hanging shaft cable, in case the cable is broken.

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The following points should be noted when using the equipment for maintenance:

Multimeter internal resistance above 200K;

AC current measuring range AC100A;

AC voltage measurement range AC500V, for the pointer, the input impedance in 300K or more;

High Voltage megohm meter should use battery type, 500V, internal resistance 200K above, prohibit the use of manual megohm meter;

The range of tachometer is 0 ~ 5000r / Min.Jiangsu Montgomery Elevator Co. , Ltd. , will "develop the market with science and technology, increase benefit with management, improve image with service" as the business philosophy of the enterprise, "24-hour Monitoring, 365-day safety rest assured" for after-sales service purposes, in more than 20 provinces and over 300 cities in China, as well as in Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Macao, Africa, Europe and the United States, they have opened up their own marketing territories, and have firmly taken the lead in the industry with a relatively high market share, become one of the elevator brands in the same industry with highly public praise effect. Welcome to come to the professional elevator manufacturer Jiangsu Montgomery Elevator Co. , Ltd. to order products!


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Company: Jiangsu Montmery Elevator Co. , Ltd.

Contact: Lu Zhongwei

Cell Phone: 13906295701

Something: 0513-80603988、80603959、80603999

Fax: 0513-80603939


Address: No. 999, Jintong Avenue, 

Nantong high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Province