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Comparison And Selection Of Lifting Elevator Installation Mechanism


The three common ways are hydraulic way, chain lifting way and wire rope lifting way

1. Wire rope hoisting

The steel wire rope has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity and light weight, but it is elastic, and will produce elongation over a long period of time, which will reduce the transmission accuracy, so that the tray can not accurately reach the desired position, and, the wire rope is easy to twist and loose by itself.

2. Hydraulic lift

The hydraulic system drive is a set of very complex drive system, its design, the manufacture cost is high. Moreover, the cost of maintenance and testing is relatively high, and it is difficult to check the fault of the hydraulic system. If any oil pipeline has a problem, it will greatly reduce the working efficiency of the garage in a certain period of time, and if the hydraulic station has a problem, the consequences will be more serious, therefore, this design does not use the hydraulic drive system as a lifting mechanism.

3. Chain lift

Chain drive is an electric motor that drives the pallet to move up and down through a coupling, a chain and a sprocket. Low cost, safety, easy maintenance and repair.

Chain drive has the characteristics of both gear drive and belt drive. Chain drives are easier to install and less costly than gear ratio, and are much lighter in structure than gears when driven over long distances. Compared with belt drive, the average transmission ratio of chain drive is accurate, the transmission efficiency is high, the tension force is small, the axial force is small, the structure size is compact, and it can work well under low speed and heavy load Can adapt to the more harsh environment, such as oil pollution and high temperature and other occasions.


1. Lifting principle and motor position

For the convenience of manufacture and installation, the upper and lower pallets are basically the same. Both in size and composition. The difference is: The bottom tray has rollers, and the upper tray has pulley, here to focus on the sprocket, chain and hoist motor and related components.

From the motor installation and aesthetic point of view, the motor should be placed on the rear beam of the garage frame, where the motor positioning depends on the chassis to positioning. Lifting Motor and translational motor with the same choice of motor with reducer.

The most common method of chain transmission is to use a closed chain to transfer power from one shaft to another. The two sprockets must be at the same level. In this design, the chain is required to transmit power, and the wire rope is also required to transmit motion. Therefore, the closed chain is adopted, and the wire rope is fixed at the front of the Longitudinal beam of the frame, and then is matched with the two pulleys on the pallet, and finally comes back to the rear of the Longitudinal Beam, the schematic diagram is shown below. This way not only has four wire rope to bear, and lifting smooth, high Factor of safety, so use this way.

As the upper tray is raised to a fixed position, it needs to stay there for a long time. Therefore, a brake needs to be installed on the sprocket shaft. The brake should be of the normally closed type, because the tray stays in the fixed position much longer than the tray movement time, between the motor shaft and the chain wheel shaft also uses the flange coupling to carry on the connection.

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Company: Jiangsu Montmery Elevator Co. , Ltd.

Contact: Lu Zhongwei

Cell Phone: 13906295701

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Address: No. 999, Jintong Avenue, 

Nantong high-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Province