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Passenger Elevator

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Divided by drive mode

AC Elevator: An elevator driven by an AC induction motor. According to the drag mode can be divided into ac single-speed, AC two-speed, AC voltage regulation speed, AC variable voltage variable frequency regulation, etc. .

DC Elevator: an elevator powered by DC motor. The rated speed of this type of elevator is generally above 2.00 M / S. Hydraulic Elevator: the General Use of electric pump-driven liquid flow, by the plunger to lift the car elevator.

Rack and PINION ELEVATOR: the Guide rail processing into rack, the car with rack meshing gear, motor drive gear rotation to lift the car.

Screw Elevator: The plunger of the straight-top elevator is processed into a rectangular thread, and then the large nut with thrust bearing is installed on the top of the cylinder, and then the nut is driven to rotate by the motor through the reducer (or belt) , thus allowing the screw to lift the car up or down the elevator.

The power source of an elevator driven by a linear motor is a linear motor. At the beginning of the elevator, the steam engine and internal combustion engine were used to drive the elevator directly. Motor via reducer

Classified by speed

There is no strict classification of the speed of the elevator, the Chinese custom according to the following method.

"low-speed Elevator: usually one with a speed of less than 1.00 m / S. ".

Medium speed elevator: usually refers to the speed of 1.00 ~ 2.00 m / s of the elevator.

High-speed Elevator: usually refers to the speed of more than 7M / s elevator.

Nantong elevator installation

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