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Home Elevator

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Hydraulic drive

Hydraulic domestic elevator belongs to the traditional domestic elevator design, which is widely used in North America and Europe. But because oil spills pollute the environment, run too loud and waste a lot of electricity, and other factors, do not conform to the modern elevator industry's development concept of environmental protection and Energy Conservation, such as passenger hydraulic elevators, and are being phased out by people, in the last decade or so, its sales have been decreasing rapidly worldwide, accounting for no more than 3% of the total, and most of them are used in freight elevators or special elevators with large tonnage.

Traction drive

The traction type Villa Elevator without machine room is being widely used by people because it is environmentally friendly and saves energy and space in the building, just like the passenger elevator, according to a report in World Elevator magazine, machine-room-free elevators will account for 80% of global elevator sales in 2010.

Screw drive

The screw elevator adopts the driving structure of the nut screw, and also belongs to the elevator without machine room. Because of the safety of the structure, there is no bottom pit, no counterweight and no car, it has been popular in the European home market for nearly 40 years.


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