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Residential Elevator

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Safety management issues

1. The laws and regulations are not sound, and the subject of responsibility is not clear

There are no specific laws and regulations that stipulate in detail the purchase, subject of responsibility, supervisory responsibility, daily maintenance, management of maintenance funds, and promotion of knowledge of safe use of residential elevators, therefore, it is difficult for developers to guarantee the quality of elevators with different brands according to their own capital strength and cost-saving, and the unknown registered subject leads to the unknown management subject and the lack of maintenance.

Second, the government supervision is insufficient, easy to appear the supervision "blind area"

Residential Elevator

The contradiction between the insufficient supervisory power of the government supervisory departments and the increasing number of elevators for rehousing has become increasingly obvious, the daily patrol and inspection of special equipment, data statistics, summary of plans, personnel certification, registration and handling of complaints and reports make the daily supervision of the supervisory departments powerless, it is difficult to elevator, property companies, maintenance units, such as effective supervision and management.

3. Residents lack the necessary common sense for safe use of elevators


There are three main problems with the residents:

(1) lack of necessary, necessary use of common sense, wrong operation, especially in the decoration stage, decoration workers overload use, and other phenomena occur;

(2) the lack of proper legal quality does not preclude the occurrence of malicious destruction, deliberate blackmail and other illegal acts;

(3) their own quality is not high, the degree of care and attention to public finance is low, lack of public security awareness. In some areas, the elevator keys have been smashed, the elevator doors have been smashed, the elevator signs and warning signs have been torn, and even in the elevator toilet.

Property companies, maintenance units and other social forces on the elevator safety management lack of responsibility awareness and initiative for their respective interests shirk the responsibility of each other makes the elevator safety management there are serious security risks. In particular, the maintenance fund source is not clear, difficult to manage. There are two scenarios:

(1) collecting property fees as maintenance funds (about 70% of the total) . Property companies often seek to make a profit by selecting low-quality maintenance units at the expense of lower service quality;

(2) the government has directly allocated funds to the town, but the management unit is a property company, and the fund managers and specific operators are not unified. The property can not guarantee that the maintenance funds of the maintenance units will arrive on time, and it is difficult to guarantee the maintenance quality without the funds in place, this vicious circle is easy to cause property companies and maintenance units of the blame each other.

Jiangsu Montgomery Elevator Co. , Ltd. , will "develop the market with science and technology, increase benefit with management, improve image with service" as the business philosophy of the enterprise, "24-hour Monitoring, 365-day safety rest assured" for after-sales service purposes, in more than 20 provinces and over 300 cities in China, as well as in Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Macao, Africa, Europe and the United States, they have opened up their own marketing territories, and have firmly taken the lead in the industry with a relatively high market share, become one of the elevator brands in the same industry with highly public praise effect. Welcome to come to the professional elevator manufacturer Jiangsu Montgomery Elevator Co. , Ltd. to order products!


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