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1. By handrail Trim

1) fully transparent: refers to the escalator made of transparent glass with handrail Wainscot, which can be further divided into curved glass and flat glass according to the shape of glass used in the WAINSCOT.

2) OPAQUE: refers to an escalator made of opaque metal or other material. Because the armrest belt support is fixed on the upper part of the baseplate and the armrest belt moves circularly on the armrest belt guide rail, the stability of the opaque type is better than that of the fully transparent type. Mainly used for subway, station, wharf and other people concentrated high escalator.

3) translucent: refers to the handrail protection wallboard is translucent, such as the use of translucent glass and other materials handrail protection wallboard.

As far as handrail decoration is concerned, the fully transparent glass wainscot has certain strength, its thickness should not be less than 6mm, and the fully transparent glass wainscot has better decoration effect, therefore, the use of flat wall plate transparent glass made of the majority of the escalator.

2. Classification by step-driving mode

1) chain type: refers to the driving elements of the ladder chain escalator.

2) Rack type: refers to the driving ladder components for rack escalator.

Because the chain-driven structure is simple and the manufacturing cost is low, most escalators adopt the chain-driven structure.

3. Classified by elevation

1) escalator with small lift height: Lift Height 3 ~ 10m;

2) escalators with medium lift height: Lift Height 10 ~ 45m;

3) escalator with large elevation: Elevation 45 ~ 65m

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