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Moving Walkway

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  • Release date: 2020-01-03
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Selected according to the conditions of use

The Moving walkway used in the subway, station, airport and dock should be of public transport type, while the shops and buildings should be of ordinary type. However, because the number of shopping malls or general buildings in China is usually too small, it is recommended to use public transportation type of Moving walkway for shopping malls or buildings with relatively large pedestrian flow.

2. Proper product identification

The name of the manufacturer, product model number and serial number shall be clearly marked at least one entrance and exit of the Moving walkway.

3. Check the safety height above the steps, pedals or tape

The Moving walkway shall have a vertical clear through height of not less than 2.3 m above the pedal or tape. The net height should travel along the entire length of the pedal or tape movement to ensure the safe and unhindered passage of Moving walkway passengers.

4. Lighting requirements for Moving walkway

Adequate lighting should be provided in and around the Moving walkway, especially around the comb plate, with at least 50 Lx or 15 lx illumination on the ground at the indoor or outdoor Moving walkway entrances and exits, respectively


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